SRA 2022 Biennial Meeting

The 2022 SRA biennial meeting theme, Redefining Possibilities and Amplifying Marginalized Voices, recognizes and celebrates diversity and inclusion. Our theme encourages an “out-of-the-box” paradigm shift, centering peripheral voices as key informants for the advancement of adolescent developmental science. This biennial is designed to reimagine and transcend traditions, remove siloed walls, and blur lines and boundaries between SRA and the local communities of our host city. Expect the expected and also prepare for novel experiences. Customary convention formats will be interwoven with innovative fireside chats, conversational formats, cross-society conversations among leaders, international keynote panels, community field trips, and engaging adolescent experts as partners in research. The 2022 SRA biennial will infuse “The Spirit of New Orleans” showcasing and convening community key stakeholders (adolescents, community changemakers) to embed and link our research to action (disseminating our scholarship in tangible, community-oriented ways) against a backdrop of great food, music, and art.

Course Details

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